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The Pulse

Executive Producer: Diana Wan
On Sunday, 1,194 members of the Election Committee will cast their vote for Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive. And the winner will be …. Well, let’s put it this way – it will be no surprise. Over .... More
Whatever the government is trying to do in its Hong Kong broadcasting policies, the end result has been a mess. Under Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s administration, the 59-year old Asia Televi .... More
Apparent abductions of publishers and a billionaire from Hong Kong, alleged investigations by outside agents of individuals who sheltered a US whistle-blower, and attempts to intimidate a newspap .... More
The nomination period for the chief executive election ended on Wednesday. John Tsang and Woo Kwok-hing both gathered enough nominations, 165 and 180 respectively, while Beijing’s rumoured favour .... More
Until relatively recently, the Hong Kong police have gone a long way towards improving its reputation as “the best police force money can buy”, after the dark days of the 1970s when police office .... More
Almost two and a half years after the event, seven police officers who were caught on camera assaulting a protester during the Umbrella Movement have been given jail sentences. Around this sa .... More
Over recent weeks, four high visibility would-be chief executive candidates have been campaigning, and there maybe others planning to join the race. Indeed this week legislator Leung Kwok-hung be .... More
Hello and welcome to the first episode of The Pulse in the Year of the Rooster. With less than two weeks to go before nominations for the Chief Executive election open, former Chief Secretary and .... More
Kung Hey Fat Choy! Hello and welcome to The Pulse. There may or may not be a lot to crow about as we enter the Year of the Rooster. The bird is said to be a symbol of fortune, luck, fidelity and .... More
On Wednesday, the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying delivered his final policy address. It was the longest so far and took Leung two and a half hours to deliver it. He claimed that all the promise .... More
The Hong Kong Palace Museum controversy suggests, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam knows how to keep a secret. Not so secretive is her ambition to run for Chief Executive. On Thursday, that particular .... More
As the old proverb goes: “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. Although Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary is – as far we know – not Greek she has been rather busy bearing so called gifts. Just before Chris .... More
Even for optimists, 2016 has been a year of extraordinary losses, farewells, change, violence and turbulence. In many places around the world, it has also been a year of surprises at the ballot b .... More
Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is in Beijing on his final duty visit. As ever he met Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping. Everything went pretty much to form: President Xi said he respec .... More
The contenders for the Chief Executive race are already in, or approaching, the starting blocks. On Saturday, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam made a U-turn and said she would “reconsider” running for .... More
Just two days before Sunday’s election of the 1,200-member chief executive election committee, Chief Executive Leung Chung-ying has announced he will not run for a second term. Mr Leung cited fam .... More
The government and pro-Beijing forces have decided to use the law in attempts to remove pro-democracy legislators, they’ve been successful in already getting rid of two of the Youngspiration law .... More
For two consecutive years, Hong Kong’s ranking in Skytrax’s list of the world’s best airports has dropped. Last year it came fourth. This year, fifth. Singapore’s Changi Airport has been in the n .... More
The oath-taking saga continues and this week the High Court disqualified the two Youngspiration lawmakers, Leung Chun-hang and Yau Wai-ching. With us in the studio is senior counsel and member of .... More
Hong Kong is facing its own political storms with the passing, on Monday, of yet another interpretation of the Basic Law. The timing is especially questionable because Hong Kong courts are curren .... More
In Britain this week, campaigners took the government to court and won a verdict forcing the government to seek Parliament’s approval before triggering the process that will lead to an exit from .... More
The political stalemate continues, both inside and outside Legco. On Wednesday, Legco President Andrew Leung decided his former principled stance may not have been such a good idea after all, and .... More
This week, in the midst of decidedly tempestuous weather, we’re devoting most of the show to the rather longer running “sturm und drang”, or “storm and stress” at the Legislative Council. We are .... More
As expected, the beginning of the new term of the Legislative Council on Wednesday was what’s politely described as turbulent. The first meeting began with the 70 lawmakers taking their oaths. Th .... More
Hello and welcome to The Pulse. We’ve been away for two months, a period that turned out to be full of political and social activity – much of which has been ground breaking. Not least with the .... More
Outgoing Legislative Council president Tsang Yok-sing, for the first time, reveals conditions under which he will contemplate running for Chief Executive, he also discusses obstacles facing candi .... More
Rubbish, garbage, trash, waste. No, we’re not talking about recent events in Legco but the 9,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste Hong Kong produces every day, meaning that everyone who lives here .... More
The Legco year is coming to an end and in September lawmakers are up for election. On Thursday, the Chief Executive addressed legislators’ questions. For some, it was their last chance in the cha .... More
This week a delegation of top Hong Kong officials went to Beijing to follow up on concerns over why Hong Kong had not been notified that four of its citizens had been detained in the mainland and .... More
Since the handover Hong Kong’s pro-establishment figures have celebrated July 1st, while many civil society groups have taken to the streets to use this day for protests, most dramatically in 200 .... More
Last week bookseller Lam Wing-kee gave a detailed account of what’s been happening to him, and his four other colleagues from the Causeway Bay Bookstore, during their eight months in captivity. C .... More
We are looking at what can only be described as a bombshell news conference held on Thursday by, Lam Wing-kee, one of the Causeway Bay booksellers detained on the Mainland, and, according to Mr L .... More
International brands like to use the faces and talents of stars and celebrities to boost sales of their products. In the spirit of cultural relativity and maximised profits, some are also driven .... More
It is now 27 years since the Tiananmen Square crackdown on June 4th 1989. Since then tens of thousands of people have gathered each year in Victoria Park to commemorate the dead and to demand tha .... More
Nature lovers can be thankful perhaps that so much of Hong Kong is either inconvenient to get to or not so easy to build on. There are more than 260 outlying islands, not forgetting the hills and .... More
Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution, launched by Mao Zedong in May 1966. The resulting decade of political and social turmoil brought fatal levels of chaos to China and .... More
This week we’ve got a heady mixture of murky off-shore dealings, confusion over trademarks and what can only be described as prejudice. These accusations of prejudice revolve around the relocatio .... More
According to Reporters Without Borders’s latest annual rankings on press freedom released just two weeks ago, international press freedom is declining. The findings of the independent watchdog Fr .... More
As the cliché goes, the poor are always with us. But just how many of them are there? It depends who you ask. Last weekend, after spending an hour or two at a poverty simulation workshop, Chief E .... More
This week, Stephen Davies sitting in for Steve Vines. The Equal Opportunities Commission was set up in 1996, with the remit to promote equal opportunity in our society and implement our laws ag .... More
We all know the airport drill: “ensure your luggage had been packed by yourself”, bags are to be checked in or x-rayed before you board the plane, laptops on a separate tray, an electronic body s .... More
With an enhanced monitoring system in place, Hong Kong people may have less need to worry about local food and pharmaceutical safety. But they do have to worry about the cost. Not only is grocer .... More
The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. The problem with trickle-down economics is that the wealth just isn’t trickling down. And Hong Kong sits very high in international chart .... More
The past few days have been unseasonably cold, rainy and unpleasant. That’s a small inconvenience to those of us with roofs over our heads, but spare a thought for Hong Kong’s homeless. We’re not .... More
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