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Hong Kong Stories-In the Wake of Fame

Executive Producer: Yu Lily
“Changes are eternal”. The phase depicts the current situation in Hong Kong. In the face of a rapidly changing society, with new things continuously replacing the old ones, how do Hong Kong people stand on their feet in this ever changing world and seek for a room for survival?

There are people who shine under the limelight; and there are people who devote wholeheartedly for a chance to come. While most of them are still billowing in the resplendent ocean of vanity, some people dare to part with such reputation and seek for their own destinies.

Ten public figures on TV share their experience in the course of transformation. How do they swallow their pride in pursuit of their own dreams outside the limelight?

Their stories reflect the resilient quality and indomitable spirit of Hong Kong people.

One could only set out again by shedding the weight on one’s mind. The possibilities are endless!