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The History of Hong Kong III

Executive Producer: Lee Tze Leung
The previous series of The History of Hong Kong was produced in the form of documentary. Oral histories coupled with computer image processing have made our history come alive in front of our viewers. Not only did it summon up the public’s collective memories of Hong Kong, but it also enhanced our young generation’s sense of belonging to Hong Kong.

The series will follow the previous two and continue to be centred around the major historical events of Hong Kong to showcase the past and present of Hong Kong. This series will also show how Hong Kong’s role today has changed through the evolution of history, and how the events have brought about the appearance of today’s Hong Kong.

This series will introduce the establishment of the medical system in Hong Kong; the development of the maritime industry in the early days of Hong Kong; the battle of Hong Kong; the press in early Hong Kong; the founding of the judicial system in Hong Kong; the rise of Chinese merchants and the development of new towns; the public housing policy and the development of transportation. We will also explore more historical events and people and we hope that the three series can reveal a more complete history of Hong Kong, so as to let our viewers know more about the history of Hong Kong.