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Morning Brew

Presenter: Phil Whelan
  • 香港電台網站只提供過往12個月的節目重溫。 provides archive service for programmes in the past 12 months only.
Jason Black and R.j. Asher – Chefs / Abandoman – Udderbelly Festival / Peter de Krassel – MB politico (and author) / James Marsh – Film
Welcome to the last Sheepish  Morning Brew. At 10.10 Chef Jason Blick well tell us how to make some South African CNY classics such as Monkey Gland Sauce, but don't worry, this one is to monkeys as "toad in the hole" is to toads. Joining Jason today is the King of 3.14159265359, R.j. Asher. At 11.10 we meet the guys from Abandoman - Ireland’s greatest hip-hop improv comedy act, who are doing the Big Purple Cow. After 11.30 another catch-up with MB politico (and author) Peter de Krassel, who's currently on a lecture tour of the US. Today: The road to New Hampshire and Paradoxical Trump. It's off to the movies with James Marsh at 12.10. This week: The Good Dinosaur (one for the creationists),The Choice, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. Everyone a winner! (9:30am-1pm,  facebook email )

Jason Black and R.j. Asher – Chefs facebook

Abandoman – Udderbelly Festival facebook

Peter de Krassel – MB politico (and author) facebook

James Marsh – Films facebook