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Money for Nothing

Presenter: Bryan Curtis
Frontier markets / Ethical investments / US labour market / Forbes highest-paid athletes

On Money For Nothing, we'll start by looking at some of Asia's frontier markets with Douglas Clayton, CEO of Leopard Capital. Then it's to the US where Gad Levanon from The Conference Board will discuss trends in the US labour market and the latest employment trends index before wrapping up with a look at the world of sports with Daniel Hicks from AFP to discuss the Forbes 100 highest paid athletes.(8am-8.30am,

8.05 am - Frontier markets

"Tens of billions of dollars are being poured into frontier markets," says Douglas Clayton, CEO of Leopard Capital, "Thailand is probably the most developed but Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam will eventually have their own stock markets." Recent reforms in Myanmar have put it on the map with this frontier market in particular, holding great potential for investors.

8.15 am - Ethical investments

Bill McGrew, Portfolio Manager at the Investment Office, Global Governance at California Public Employees' Retirement System joined us to discuss sustainable, environmentally-responsible, ethical investments, "We should all be aiming for corporate responsibility. Companies need to have one voice focused on physical capital and another on environmental capital."

8.21 am - US labour market

"Given the very weak growth in GDP, employment is actually growing surprisingly fast," said Gad Levanon, Labour Market Expert at The Conference Board. Jobless claims in the US are better than expected, "We are making way for a 'new-normal' in the unemployment rate, from 10% to 7.5%. Baby boomers retiring has impacted this, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were back to regular unemployment in about 3-4 years."

8.25 am - Forbes highest-paid athletes

Danny Hicks from AFP takes us through the who's who of the wealthiest athletes - even in the midst of scandal, Tiger Woods holds firm to his number one slot.