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Hong Kong Today

Presenters: Samantha Butler and Ian Pooler
  • 香港電台網站只提供過往12個月的節目重溫。 provides archive service for programmes in the past 12 months only.
Interview Highlights

Morsi insists he's still president

The trial has opened in Cairo of the deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi who faces charges of inciting the killing of protesters. But the hearing was been adjourned until the 8th of January to allow lawyers to examine the case. It was the first time the former leader has been seen publicly in four months since he was removed from office by the army. Mr Morsi's supporters have accused the army-installed government of fabricating the charges against the Islamist leader. Samantha Butler asks our correspondent in Cairo, Adam Ramsey, covered the court hearing for more. (4.54)

Rezoning opponents walk out of meeting

Critics of a plan to rezone part of the Central harbourfront for military use have walked out of a Town Planning Board hearing yesterday, to protest against the imposition of a ten-minute time limit on participants. The pull-out from the seven opponents of the controversial plan came after Civic Party legislator Kenneth Chan was ordered to stop speaking and had his microphone switched off. Ian Pooler asks Mr Chan for more. (4.49)

Clean air

Maintaining clean air while supporting economic growth has been a challenge for every country going through a significant period of industrial growth, such as China, or more specifically the Pearl River Delta. And now that the World Health Organisation has classified air pollution as carcinogenic, the urgency to tackle the problem has increased. But with new emission control technologies available, is there an easy solution on the horizon? Ian Pooler asks Dr Gayle Hagler, anEnvironmental Engineer with the US Environmental Protection Agency to discuss this. (4.58)

Sports news

NFL's Monday Night Football in America has the 4-3 Chicago Bears visiting the 5-2 Green Bay Packers as the old rivalry resumes. Our US sports commentator Ray Jovanovich joins us live from Lambeau Field. (1.46)