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Hong Kong Today

Presenters: Nick Beacroft and Ian Pooler
Interview Highlights

Govt pledge on employment agencies

Eni Lestari of the Asian Migrants' Coordinating Body was among those who called for effective measures to combat the abuses by employment agencies. Ian Pooler asks Eni for more. (5.01)

International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology

Some 250 marine pollution experts from 24 countries have gathered in Hong Kong this week for the seventh International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology. Participants will discuss possible scientific solutions to combat pressing problems in the marine environment. Ian Pooler asks the chariman of its organising committee, Professor Rudolf Wu, to discuss the aims of the conference further. (6.57)

China's economy

Research firm, the Conference Board, says China's economic growth will weaken further as real estat activity and consumer expectations have performed especially poorly and credit expansion seems to have become less effective at driving future growth. Bryan Curtis asks the firm's resident economist in Beijing, Andrew Polk, for more. (3.00)

Sports news

Basketball fans are all turning to Miami, where the Heat and the Spurs are warming up for game six of the NBA finals. The Spurs can clinch their fifth title with a win this morning. Let's get more on this from our US sports commentator Ray Jovanovich. (2.55)