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Tommy Cheung, Chairman and Legislator representing Catering Functional Constituency, Liberal Party
On Friday's Backchat, the finale of the Chief Executive Election. As the finish line approaches, will John Tsang's public popularity win through, or will Carrie Lam's support stay solid? Wha .... More
L to R: William Bernard, Carmen Cano, Tony Verb and Roland Vogt
On Thursday's Backchat, is it a happy birthday for Europe? 60 years ago this week, six countries signed the Treaty of Rome, the foundation of the European Union. It's now under unprecedented .... More
On Backchat , international happiness. The UN has produced another world survey of happiness that compares how happy we say we feel, as well as things like wealth, social support, fr .... More
Victor Li, Chairman, Hong Kong Waste Management Association
On Tuesday's Backchat , what a waste. The Government is unveiling plans for how to charge for what you throw away. Its been a long debate, with many trials and pilot studies -  what do .... More
Hung Wing-tat, Chairman, Hong Kong Taxi Council and Jeremy Tam, Legislator, Civic Party
On Monday's Backchat, premium taxis. Taxi drivers are fighting a plan to introduce hundreds of 'premium' taxis, a move they say is unnecessary . They say many taxi drivers are willing to imp .... More
On Friday's Backchat, broadcasting in Hong Kong. As familiar names like Cable and ATV leave the TV market, plans for digital radio collapse, while a new free-to-air Channel is planned for Ma .... More
Alan Lung, Governor, Path of Democracy and Ho Lok-sang, Dean of Business, Chuhai College of High Education
On Thursday's Backchat, we're talking about the latest developments in the Chief Executive election campaign. The gloves came off, somewhat, in a debate on Tuesday night, organised by broadcas .... More
Mark Michelson, David Webb and Kim Salkeld
On Wednesday's Backchat, is there too much red tape? The complicated procedures for operating a food truck are just the latest example of how excessive bureaucracy affects lives and livelihood .... More
Yu Kam-hung, Past President, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and Laurence Pak, Director of Operations, Lion Rock Institute
On Tuesday's Backchat, nanoflats. As house prices creep ever upward, developers have been marketing ever smaller flats. Last year, 61sqft flats appeared, but now the Government says it could i .... More
Ronny Tong, Barrister; and Convenor, Path of Democracy
On Monday's Backchat, should we stop having foreign judges? The case of the seven policemen has raised the issue of foreign judges, in the Court of Final Appeal, and other parts of the Judicia .... More
On Friday's Backchat, co-location. As the Express Rail Link to Shenzhen and Guangzhou approaches completion, there is concern over the arrangements for cross-border customs, immigration and .... More
​On Backchat we're talking about the documents published by the website, Wikileaks, which contain details of what it says are wide-ranging hacking tools used the US Central Intelligence Agen .... More
Legislators Charles Mok and Claudia Mo
On Wednesday's Backchat we talk about CY Leung's lawsuit. The CE is suing Legislator Kenneth Leung about allegations he made in connection with CY's UGL payments. Is it only fair for a leader .... More
CE Contender Carrie Lam (right) with co-host Ada Wong
On Backchat we're joined by CE contender Carrie Lam. She will be talking about her campaign platform, and answering your questions. If you would like to speak to her give us a call on 23388266 .... More
Timothy O'Leary, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Head of School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong; and Member, HKU Council
On Monday's Backchat, how should Universities be governed? After controversies about the role of its Chancellor, CY Leung, HKU commissioned a study which has suggested that the Chancellor's .... More
Tse Yip Fai, Member, Hong Kong Vegetarian Society
On Friday's Backchat, would we all be better off without meat? A new report suggests we should be having ten portions of fruit or vegetables a day, but what about sticking solely to plants? .... More
 Alan Seigrist, Vice Chairman, Republicans Overseas Hong Kong and Mark Michelson, Chairman, Asia CEO Forum at IMA Asia
​On Thursday's Backchat, Donald Trump's address to Congress. The President delivered an optimistic message, that has been widely seen as 'presidential'. What was the substance, and what can .... More
Ian Brownlee, Planning Consultant, Master Plan Limited and Kathy Ip, Deputy Secretary-General, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative
​On Wednesday's Backchat, open space. A report from Civic Exchange suggests that nearly two million of us in Hong Kong are living with less than the planning standard of two square metres per .... More
On Backchat, Carrie Lam and the CE race. The former Chief Secretary unveils her full manifesto, and two others contenders submit the required nominations. Regina Ip meanwhile struggles. What d .... More
 Au Nok-hin, Convenor, Civil Human Rights Front
 On Backchat we talk about the Police. 33,000 assembled last week in sympathy with seven policemen who assaulted Ken Tsang. What was their message, and where does it leave police public r .... More
Vera Yuen, Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Economics,University of Hong Kong​
Financial Secretary Paul Chan responds to a caller on housing and land policy during a special phone in programme hosted by Hugh Chiverton and Peter Lewis. To listen to the whole prog .... More
Charles Kingsley, David Webb and Peter Lee
On Backchat,  the Budget. Paul Chan's plan for the coming financial year has been unveiled, along with a $93 billion surplus for 2016/17. There are tax breaks and increased spending on ca .... More
 Richard Ip, Barrister; and Member, Progressive Lawyers' Group
 On Backchat, should there be laws against insulting the police. There have been renewed calls to criminalize abuse of police, an idea that was first floated five years ago. In the wake o .... More
Host Andrew Work and Desmond Hui, Professor, Department of Social Science, Hang Seng Management College; and Former appointed member, Antiquities Advisory Board
 On Backchat, the Red House. The building in Tuen Mun widely believed to be the base for Chinese republican revolutionaries under Dr Sun Yat-sen, is feared to be under threat. This is d .... More
Alan Leong, Former Legislator and Chairman, Civic Party
On Backchat, ​ law and order in Hong Kong. Reaction to the conviction and sentencing of the policemen has raised concern about attitudes to law, and the rule of law. At the same time the Heri .... More
Alejandro Reyes, Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong and  Leland Sun, Vice Chairman, Republicans Overseas Hong Kong
 On Backchat, US politics and what's happening in the White House. Trump's National Security Advisor has resigned, and his pick of Labor Secretary has withdrawn. The President meanwhile s .... More
Phyllis Kwong, Practising Solicitor and Ho Lok-sang, Dean of Business, Zhuhai College of High Education
On Thursday's Backchat, we're talking about relations between the police and the public, following the conviction this week of seven officers over the beating up of Occupy Central activist Ken .... More
Law Yuk-kai, Director, Human Rights Monitor
On Backchat, we talk about prisons in Hong Kong. What are the conditions like for those behind bars? Videos leaked last year showed violence and there are claims of overcrowding in some facili .... More
Charles Mok, Legislator representing IT Functional Constituency
On Backchat, is Beijing interfering in the CE contest? After the Liaison Office made clear that Carrie Lam was preferred by Beijing, the former chief secretary refused to say if the .... More
On Monday's Backchat, the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau bridge. The Government has revealed that the bridge will cost more than expected because of construction and manpower challenges. One leg .... More
Avery Ng, Chairman, League of Social Democrats
 On Backchat, Is the race over? There are unambiguous signs that Beijing prefers Carrie Lam as CE. Where does that leave John Tsang, and is Longhair right to offer an alternative? What .... More
Hung Wing-tat, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and Chairman, Hong Kong Taxi Council
On Backchat, we're talking about the increase in taxi fares which will take effect in April. The cost of taxi rides will be going up by about 10 percent on average across the territory. But .... More
Karmen Yeung, Kenneth Leung and David Webb
On Backchat, tax talk. Ahead of the budget and the CE election there are a few new ideas about revenue raising floating around. There's John Tsang's 'negative income tax'. What is that, and wh .... More
On Backchat, more on the campaigns for Chief Executive. John Tsang has launched his manifesto, including the drafting of Article 23 legislation, re-organising Government structure and an intri .... More
Hak-yin Li, Lecturer, Department of Government and Public Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
On Backchat, Trump's foreign policy. The president says the world is in trouble, and the US is going to straighten it out. The EU says the new administration is to putting into question the la .... More
 On Friday's Backchat, the rise of the robots. They're not just firing lasers or building cars these days; they can pick, process, cook and deliver your food. They can do clerical, lega .... More
 On Thursday’s Backchat we go underground. The Government is consulting on the opportunities presented by developing down, rather than up. They propose some areas in particular, Tsim .... More
 On Backchat we look ahead to the Year of the Rooster. Donald J.Trump is the big wild card internationally, but there are big changes in store for Hong Kong too, with a new CE and .... More
 On Backchat, house prices. A recent study of affordability around the world showed Hong Kong as the least affordable place in the world - again - and by a huge margin. If average propert .... More
On Backchat - good news - the crime rate has reached its lowest level since 1978. It's been declining for a decade, though there are still troubling figures on large scale burglaries and cyber .... More
Paul Zimmerman, CEO, Designing Hong Kong
 On Backchat, the fate of the Country Parks. The Chief Executive is moving ahead with plans to study which areas of country parks are of low ecological vale and developable. Should there .... More
On Backchat, sports development. The Chief Executive has announced the Government will spend a total of $20 billion in the coming five years to launch 26 projects to develop new or improve exi .... More
On Backchat, John Tsang for CE? The former Financial Secretary has said he is standing for the top job, to rebuild trust, re-establish unity and rekindle hope. What are his advantages?Wha .... More
Lam Woon-kwong, Convenor, Executive Council
 On Friday, a special Phone-in between 8 and 9 with the Chief Executive CY Leung on his final address. After 9am, we will review the policy address with guests. More
Legislator Wu Chi-wai and David Webb, Shareholder Activist and Founder,
On Backchat, the CE's last policy address. It was long, and promised to try to make good on CY's promise on MPF. He talked more about developing country parks and investing $20 billion in sp .... More
Sean Starrs, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong
 On Backchat, according to a new report on inequality published by Oxfam, just eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity. Is that 'o .... More
Nixie Lam, Tseun Wan District Councillor, DAB
 On Backchat, the CE race. Finally John Tsang, and Carrie Lam, have the nod to run. But there are also indications that Beijing may think there are too many candidates. How many is enough .... More
On Backchat, health insurance. The Government has been working on a voluntary health insurance scheme that would encourage people to switch to the private sector but key elements have been dro .... More
Alan Lung, Claudia Mo, Joseph Lam
 On Backchat, Carrie Lam for CE. As the Chief Secretary emerges as a candidate for Chief Executive, what are her plans, and her prospects? Who is for her and who against? Where does thi .... More
Glenn Shive, Executive Director, Hong Kong-America Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong
On Thursday's Backchat, the US Presidency. Obama says goodbye, and Donald Trump has a press conference. What do you think were the successes and failures of Obama's time in office. What about .... More
Clarisse Yeung, Chairman, Hong Kong Culture Monitor; and Wan Chai District Councillor
 On Backchat, West Kowloon and the Palace Museum. The Cultural District's CEO Duncan Pescod will join us to answer questions on the plan to open a Hong Kong Palace Museum here, and t .... More
 On Backchat, a new legal year. It's a time when leading lights of the legal world reflect on the state of our system - the judiciary, trends, and controversies. How do you see the past y .... More
Au Nok-hin, Southern District Councillor, Democratic Party
On Backchat, the CE race. There are reports that CS Carrie Lam will resign soon and announce her candidacy, with support from Ronald Arculli and Bernard Chan. Its also claimed that FS John Tsa .... More
Danny Gittings and Chief Executive Election Candidate Woo Kwok-hing
On Backchat, we talk to Woo Kwok hing. He was the first to formally declare as a candidate for Chief Executive. He's not a fan of CY Leung or Independence, but is sympathetic to the Heung .... More
Legislator Charles Mok and Pindar Wong, Former Member, Digital 21 Strategic Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Government
On Backchat, the Loop. Hong Kong and Shenzhen will jointly develop a disputed border area into an innovation and technology park four times the size of the existing Science Park in Shatin. Th .... More
Chan Yin Lun, Landscape Architect, and Election Committee Member of Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape Subsector
On Backchat, West Kowloon and the Palace Museum. The announcement that a Hong Kong version of Beijing's Palace Museum would be built in West Kowloon surprised many. There was no consultation .... More
Mark Michelson, Chairman, Asia CEO Forum at IMA Asia
 On Backchat, the first of 2017, we announce the Person of the Year, and look back at the highs and lows of 2016. What what were the good and bad points for you? Call us on 23388266 or .... More
Backchat is looking back at the past year, with a selection of highlights from the past 12 months. Remember the Mong Kok riots, the by-election, the end of ATV, Brexit, Trump and Cheen .... More
Backchat is looking back at the past year, with a selection of highlights from the past 12 months. Remember the Mong Kok riots, the by-election, the end of ATV, Brexit, Trump and Cheena? .... More
 Backchat is looking back at the past year, with a selection of highlights from the past 12 months. Remember the Mong Kok riots, the by-election, the end of ATV, Brexit, Trump and Cheena? .... More
Vera Yuen, Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Hong Kong
On Backchat, the CE and the CE election. CY is in Beijing after being praised for his youth and ability and is now joined by Carrie Lam. The authorities there however are taking their time o .... More
Roland Vogt, Assistant Professor in European Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Hong Kong
On Backchat, we're talking about the seemingly endless difficulties surrounding housing and land supply. The government has disclosed that it's expecting an increased shortfall in its target .... More
 Frederick Fung and Nick Chan
On Backchat, retirement protection. The Administration has released a report on its public engagement exercise on a pension plan for Hong Kong. Its been reported that it wasn't happy with the .... More
On Backchat, drone wars. The US and China have clashed over the seizure of an unmanned underwater device in the South China Sea. Is China testing Trump - if so, what have they learned? What ar .... More
Sonia Cheng, Spokesman, Taxi Dealers and Owners Association
On Backchat, taxi fares. Drivers are asking for an increase of around 18 percent, with a new flagfall of $24. They say that taxis should be more expensive - to attract more and younger drivers .... More
Mandy Tam, Former Legislator representing Accountancy Functional Constituency; and Elected Member of Election Committee in Accountancy sub-sector
On Backchat, the competition to be the next Chief Executive is starting in earnest, as Woo Kwok hing and Regina Ip set out their platforms. John Tsang meanwhile awaits Beijing to accept his .... More
 Alex Lam, Practising Solicitor; and Founder, Hong Kong Patients' Voices
On Backchat, we are talking about the controversial subject of euthanasia, or assisted suicide. A number of countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, along with several US .... More
Cheryl Lo, Senior Wildlife Crime Officer, WWF-Hong Kong
On  Backchat, animal extinction. It's been claimed the world is facing the biggest extinction since the dinosaurs, with seven in 10 mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles wiped out .... More
Charles Mok, Legislator representing IT Functional Constituency
On Backchat, thoughts on a busy day in the political arena. FS John Tsang has resigned to stand as CE, and the Pan-Democrats have won a quarter of the seats on the Election Committee. What d .... More
Sir David Akers-Jones, President, The Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong and legislator Claudia Mo
On Monday's Backchat, CY Leung announces he is not seeking for the second term. CY Leung announced in the media conference that he is not running the second term, he cited family reasons and & .... More
Victoria Wisniewski Otero and Patricia Ho
On Backchat, asylum seekers. With more than 10,000 people waiting for screening in Hong Kong, some are worried that the system is being abused. They claim the asylum seekers commit crimes, was .... More
 Isaac Leung, Lecturer, Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, Hong Kong Education University; and Chairman of Videotage
On Backchat, we talk about museums. The Our Hong Kong Foundation suggests that our museums would be better off away from the LCSD, keeping public funding but being autonomously managed. A Mus .... More
On Backchat, Sino-US relations. Uncertainty surrounds the US President-elect's intentions towards China. He's already criticised it for taxing American imports, devaluing its currency and de .... More
Wu Chi-wai, Legislator and new Chairman, Democratic Party
On Backchat, Legco and the Government. The Financial Secretary says the government will not take questions from the four lawmakers who are facing judicial reviews and possible disqualification .... More
On Backchat, is all news fake? 'Post-truth', when objective facts don't count for much, is the word of the year. Where does that leave news? Where can we get important information about the wo .... More
On Backchat we catch up on political developments. Legco will formally declare early next week that two seats have been vacated by the disqualified Youngspiration councillors. Pan- .... More
Michael Mo, Spokesperson, Airport Development Concern Group
On Backchat,  how reliable is our new air traffic control system? On Tuesday, outbound flights at the airport were suspended for 15 minutes after the $1.5 billion system malfunctioned fo .... More
 Nicolas Millar, Practising Solicitor
On Backchat,  the sorry law. The Steering Committee on Mediation yesterday in its final report on apology legislation has recommended that the proposed law should apply to all civil proce .... More
Nixie Lam, Tsuen Wan District Councillor, DAB
On Backchat,  why are young people so unhappy? The latest Happiness index suggests that Hong Kong hasn't been so fed up for a decade. And young people are particularly unhappy and pessimi .... More
Desmond Hui, Professor, Department of Social Science, Hang Seng Management College; and Member, Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation
On Backchat,  we talk about the revitalisation of historic buildings. Another batch of heritage buildings is being offered by the Government for conservation and revitalisation by non p .... More
Roger Wong, Tommy Jai and Peter Reading
On Backchat, gay rights. There's another Gay Pride march on Saturday with the theme of Equal Rights, and a conference next week that looks at LGBT rights and freedom of religion. With other .... More
On Backchat, more Disney? The Government has made a deal with Disney on an $11 billion expansion plan. New zones would relate to 'Frozen' and 'Marvel', and $5.8 billion would come from publi .... More
On Backchat, the subsector elections. On December 11 1,200 people will be chosen for the Election Committee that elects the Chief Executive. The 38 subsectors represent various trades, profe .... More
David Dodwell, Executive Director, Hong Kong APEC Trade Policy Group and Mark Michelson, ‎Chairman, Asia CEO Forum at IMA Asia
On Backchat,  - is free trade dead? The Trans-Pacific Partnership, the US led deal that excluded China, seems to be dead in the water. What might take its place, and what might that mean .... More
Alex Lam, Founder, Hong Kong Patients' Voices and Dr Louis Shih, Vice Chairperson, Savantas Policy Institute
On Backchat, should charges for A&E go up? The Hospital Authority is said to be considering more than doubling the charge for emergency services from $100 to $220. This, its said would det .... More
On Backchat,Youngspiration 'legislators' are appealing against the ruling on the judicial review.  What happens next? The appeal is due to be heard next week, but how long co .... More
Hung Wing-tat, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
On Backchat, safe driving. The Government has launched a Safe Driving & Health Campaign for commercial vehicle drivers, just as a spate of incidents involving bus, taxi and minibus drive .... More
On Backchat, the judicial review on oath taking. The judge says that the Youngspiration legislators lost their seats when they failed to take a valid oath of office. The judgement comes afte .... More
Christian Haerpfer, President, World Values Survey Association; and Research Professor of Political Science, University of Vienna
On Backchat, global values and 2016. A worldwide network of  social scientists has been surveying people’s values and beliefs since 1981, how they change over time and what social .... More
On Backchat, what should happen to legislators who erred in their oaths? Judicial reviews are being thrown around challenging the status of various legislators, and even the Chief Executive. H .... More
Alejandro Reyes, Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong and Tariq Dennison, Secretary of Republicans Overseas Hong Kong
On Backchat, President Trump. How? Why? What the heck? What next?     (8:30-9:30am, call in on 233 88 266, email or text 6393 5925) More
On Backchat, we talk about the ongoing problems in Legco. Another session has been suspended after a legislator called for a debate on the NPCSC interpretation. And thousands of lawyers s .... More
Phyllis Kwong, Practising Solicitor; and President, Asia Pacific Law Association
On Backchat, the interpretation of article 104 by the NPCSC. Where does it leave the Government, and will it be applicable to other legislators than the Youngspiration duo? Will it hasten ar .... More
Shih Wing-ching, Founder of Centaline Properties
On Backchat, we talk about Hong Kong property. There are signs that the market is rising again - up 2.78 percent in September, and the latest land sale in Kai Tak smashed records. Why is this .... More
On Backchat, the Judicial Review on oath taking. What effect is the threat of interpretation having?  What is at stake? What will actually be resolved by the hearing? What form could an .... More
Ho Lok-sang, Dean of Business, Chu hai College of High Education
On Backchat,  Legco. Wednesday's events in Legco suggest things are getting worse, not better in the chamber. Will resolution come with the JR on oath-taking? Was it right to call in poli .... More
Stephen Wong, Adjunct Lecturer for the Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy, Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Deputy Executive Director, Our Hong Kong Foundation
On Wednesday's Backchat - do we need more Mainlanders? An influential thinktank says local authorities should raise the quota of immigrants to alleviate problems caused by an ageing population .... More
 Alan Seigrist and Shaun Barnes
On Backchat - just a week to go until the US elections and the polls suggest the race is tightening. What difference will the FBI inquiry make to the Democratic campaign? What can we expect f .... More
 Former Legislator Patrick Lau and legislator Wu Chi-wai
On Backchat, Hong Kong 2030 plus. The Government has launched the first stage of a consultation on the way forward for our planning and development. It talks of ' avision for Hong Kong to be .... More
Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary and Convenor, HK2020
On Backchat, the race for the Chief Executive has started. Sort of. Former judge Woo Kwok Hing says is standing. Regina Ip says she is interested in standing and lays into John Tsang. CY Leung .... More
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