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Presenters: Hugh Chiverton and Ada Wong
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Drone Laws and Technology / Latest TSA Adjustments
On Backchat, Drones. The Secretary for Security is thinking of legislation to control better the use of unmanned flying vehicles.Are they safe in crowded areas like Hong Kong? What about privacy concerns? At the weekend, Amazon also released a video advert for a delivery service using automated drones. What sort of challenges would that face? Are they the way of the future? (8:30-9:30am, call in on 233 88 266, facebookemail or text 6393 5925)

8:30-9:20 Drone Laws and Technology facebook

Angus Scott, South East Asia Assessor for Commercial Drones, Euro USC

Charles Mok, Legislator representing IT Functional Constituency

David Vanderhoof, Co-host and Associate Producer, The UAV Digest based in the Greater Philadelphia in the US

Erwin Huang, President, Hong Kong Information Technology Federation

Chris Pre, Operations Director, UAV Systems International

9:20-9:30 Latest TSA Adjustments facebook

Doreen Ho, Convenor, TSA Parents' Concern Group