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Jazzing Up - An Angel of Harlem 爵士靈感──哈林天使(Sun 星期日 11pm)
Billie Holiday (1915 - 1959) was a consummate artist of her day. With her soulful, unique singing voice, she could turn any musical material she met into her own. Many of her songs are as well known today as they were decades ago and her heartrending voice is still considered to be one of the greatest jazz voices of all time. In the series An Angel of Harlem, Stacey Rodda will pay tribute to this jazz diva.

比莉‧哈樂黛 (1915 - 1959) 在世時不單是出色的音樂家,甚至被公認為爵士音樂史上最偉大的歌手之一。她的嗓音獨特且直指內心,有不少作品至今仍享譽樂壇。在逢星期日晚上11時播出的爵士靈感(英語),盧迪思會介紹這位爵士名伶。

Programme archive 節目重溫
The Intimacy of Creativity 2015 – Creative Dialogue 創意間的親暱2015──創意對談工作坊(23/4 Thu 星期四 11am)
This is the fifth anniversary of ‘The Intimacy of Creativity’ (IC), and also the fifth anniversary of our collaboration with HKUST. The IC offers you an opportunity to see how new pieces are created and developed. Artists and composers will come to RTHK Studio One on 23 April to take part in ‘Creative Dialogue’. You are welcome to join the event.


Ticket Request Form 門票索取表格
Remembering Master Hui 懷念許師傅
RTHK Radio 4 mourns the passing of our great piano tuner – Master Hui Kwang-yin, who was behind almost all of our studio recordings, whenever they involved the piano.

Master Hui was a dedicated professional and a highly-respected gentleman. He passed away peacefully on 25 March after months of combat with pancreatic cancer, aged 80. He is dearly missed by all at RTHK Radio 4.

Please listen to Arts News (26/3, 6:05pm) for more information. Some artists also paid tribute to Master Hui in Cantilena (28/3 on Radio 4) and The Works (31/3 on TV).



3月26日的「藝壇快訊」有相關報導。多位演奏家亦在第四台的「自投羅網」和電視部製作的 The Works 表達對許師傅的懷念。

Listen to Cantilena online 重溫「自投羅網」節目
Young Music Makers 2015 樂壇新秀2015 (Deadline for application截止報名日期:21/5)
After a 3-year hiatus, Young Music Makers is returning this year. If you are an accomplished musician who enjoys performing on stage, in front of microphones and cameras, and would like to further excel in music, you are welcome to sign up for the project. You can be a soloist or perform in an ensemble, as an instrumentalist or vocalist, in Western or Chinese repertoire.


Details of the project 活動詳情
Julie Kuok 郭品文
Piano Exams 2015 鋼琴考試講座 (Sat & Sun 星期六及日 1:10pm)
A new series of Piano Exams hosted by Julie Kuok will be broadcast from February. Tune in on Saturday (Cantonese) and Sunday (English) at 1:10pm.

郭品文主持的新一輯「鋼琴考試講座」將於二月起,逢星期六(粵語)及星期日(英語)下午1:10 播出。

Broadcast schedule 播放時間表

節目時間表 Programme Schedule

時間 Time 節目 Programme 主持 Presenter(s)
06:00-07:00 Aubade
07:00-09:51 Morning Call 清晨妙韻 Jonathan Douglas 杜格尊  
09:51-10:00 Minutes That Matter  
10:00-13:00 Non-stop Classics 美樂無休 Ben Pelletier / Bethan Greaves / Stacey Rodda / Synthia Ko 彭禮傑 / 紀碧琳 / 盧迪思 / 高德儀 
13:00-14:00 Music à la Carte 午間精點 Daphne Lee / Kathy Lam / Raymond Chung / Tina Ma / Shing Chun-hay 李德芬 / 林家琦 / 鍾子豪 / 馬盈盈 / 成俊曦 
14:00-16:00 Live on 4 Repeat 第四台音樂會 重播  
16:00-18:00 Four for Classics 四時行樂 Eunice Chow 周琬婷 
18:00-18:18 Arts News 藝壇快訊
18:18-20:00 Jazz and more... 不太古典 Kathy Lam 林家琦 
20:00-22:00 Live on 4 第四台音樂會
22:00-23:57 Nocturne 夜心曲 Tina Ma 馬盈盈 
23:57-00:00 Reflections 晚禱  
00:00-01:00 All The Way With Ray [Merge with Radio 3] Ray Cordeiro  
01:00-06:00 Night Music (Merge with Radio 3) -  
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