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Money Talk: Banks and earnings are the focus of attention today. The Fed wraps up its 2-day monetary policy meeting later today and is expected to leave interest rates unchanged. The Bank of Japan is expected to provide more stimulus to the Japanese economy when it meets on Friday. There is pressure once again on European lenders as Germany’s Commerzbank announces a surprise fall in its capital position sending shares in the financial sector lower in Europe. And two big UK bank’s announce they will start charging business customers for depositing money with them.
On the earnings front sales of Apple’s iphone meet forecasts but decline sharply in China.
Joining us this morning to review the latest business headlines is Patrick Bennett of CIBC. Keeping us up to date on the latest events in the U.S. will be RTHK’s international economics correspondent Barry Wood, who joins us from Washington D.C. After 8:30 we look at some of the big trends in technology in Hong Kong. This week freelance journalist Nan-Hie In joins Money Talk to discuss artificial intelligence with Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo, founder of Taiger, which is opening an artificial intelligence academy in Hong Kong later this year. We also continue our summer series looking at some personal finance issues. This week, Kenny Wen, wealth management strategist at Sun Hung Kai Financial is here to discuss mortgages.(8am-9am, email to,  text to 63 93 59 25,facebooktwitter)

It's Wednesday on Morning Brew. The sun's out (for now) so let's start with your summer requests after 9. Do email Phil ( or leave a message here. At 10.10 as we missed Aussie time yesterday, Jarrod Watt returns with the latest from down under. Worldwide news out of Australia this week isn't about sharks, or sport: it's how a shocking media revelation shows one how conditions in its jails resemble Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo. What's the good news? Elsewhere Aussie singers are topping the charts in the US and UK (Slow Aussie news day?!). At 11.40 we are joined on the line from Singapore by jazz pianist legend Jeremy Monteiro who among many other things has just released a brand new album "Brazilian Dreams". We'll have a listen to a couple of tracks and find out all about the rest of the CD. After 12, as it's Wednesday, Pilates Athlete Jason Clark joins us after 12 for his regular dose of Muscle Maryness. (9:00am-1pm,  facebook,email )

On today's 123 Show you can hear part 2 of Professor Michael Davis' Backstory. Yesterday we heard how this rural country boy joined the navy to see the world and ended up being an air traffic controller and finally finding a new home in Hawaii. In today's episode, we hear about his journey to the east and how he worked his way to Yale Law School. Stay tuned at 1.30pm. After 2, trending news you have missed. And after 2.30pm we finally get to some of your pokemon....horror stories. (1:15pm-3pm, facebook or email

The Wide Open Road is your chance to take a road trip right around Australia from the comfort of your own radio. Veteran music journalist Jarrod Watt puts you in the front seat for a journey tracing the modern day song lines of Australia, from the surf beaches of Sydney to the beer-soaked carpets of Melbourne's famed live venues along winding country roads to Adelaide to the gun barrel highways of the outback and beyond. Along the way you'll find out about the tiny country town that gave us Nick Cave, and how the world's most isolated city gave us the man known as the Godfather of Grunge, and never mind the English - how punk music really got its start in Brisbane. Wind the window down and put your feet on the dashboard for a colourful ride through Australia's modern music geography and history!

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