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The markets are rallying this week responding to the generally positive earning results posted by some of the biggest names in the technology industry. On Money For Nothing, we’ll talk to Alberto Moel from Sanford C. Bernstein about the tech industry, but before that, David Green-Morgan from Jones Lang LaSalle will be joining us by phone from Singapore to talk about APAC commercial real estate investment opportunities. Also on the show is Paul Schulte, chairman of Schulte Research International, with whom we’ll be discussing about Alibaba’s activities in cloud storage and the latest banking crisis news coming out of Portugal. Chairman & CEO of Hamilton Advisors, Robert T. Grieves, will also be looking at Alibaba and what the company’s IPO means for Chinese brands. (8am-9am, facebookor email

Welcome to Wednesday on Morning Brew. Tracy Quan will be back with us after July, so once again at 10.10 Dr. Merrin Pearse, our MB Green Machine, will have another chance to gloat that he's in the Caribbean...and we aren't. It's breakfast in Trinidad this morning, and of course some environmental chat. At 11.10, we'll find out about the latest buzz that america (slowly but surely) is becoming the next great football (soccer!) nation. A long list of top US Universities have started to spread their wings to Asia in order to offer a whole new group of talented young players some hefty scholarship money. We'll meet two such guys; HK students Toby Down and Filipe Conceicao. At 11.40 with the Indonesian election over, bar the shouting, which may still come, we welcome Dr. Peter Carey back to the show. for comment. Peter is a Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Universitas Indonesia. Prior to that, he was the Laithwaite Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Trinity College, Oxford, specializing in the modern history and politics of Indonesia. (9:00am - 1:00pm, facebook , email

Today's 123 Show is presented by Pierre Tremblay. Noreen is on holiday and will be back on 30th July.
The Frankenhorn Collection

In “The Frankenhorn Collection” a new 8 part series starting this Sunday morning, Phil Whelan takes a look at the musical equivalent of those bizarre, nightmarish creatures that live miles below anything else in the world’s oceans. The ones that often come adorned with barbs, fangs, electrical bits, and a ton of useless lumps and bumps that to this day leave scientists perplexed. We’ll find out about, and listen to, some of the weirdest musical instruments ever conceived, many of which for very good reason, did not make it to the production stage. There isn’t a lot that musicians and instrument makers haven’t tried throughout the ages, sometimes with little thought to the finished result. Some survived…some (thankfully) didn't. Take for example, an already strange instrument, the Theremin, which is played by waving your hand in the air. Stick it inside a dead honey badger, and you've got …The Badgermin! There's also the "Cat Piano", the idea for which dates back to the 1500s. As the player hits the keys, a nail sticks into various cats' tails, causing the desired screech. Thankfully there's NO record of it ever actually being built.

Join Phil on Sunday Mornings at 8.30.

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