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On Money Talk we have an economic data deluge from around the world to digest, including unexpectedly weak manufacturing data from the US, conflicting manufacturing data from China and GDP data from Brazil which confirms the worst recession since the 1930’s. We look at how markets have reacted to all of this economic news as well as reviewing all the latest business and finance headlines with our regular Wednesday guest Stewart Aldcroft of Citi Trust. We also focus on Brazil. 3rd quarter GDP numbers are so bad that Goldman Sachs says the country is in an economic depression and the country is gripped by a corruption scandal which has now spread to  financial institutions. We discuss the outlook for Brazil and its impact on the global economy and markets with Alicia Garcia-Herrero of Natixis. Finally we get a view from Taiwan with Maurice Lu of Sinopac Futures.(8am-8.30am, email to,  text to 63 93 59 25,facebooktwitter)
The ever-unpopular MPF is celebrating its 15th birthday. How is it faring? On Backchat we look at its history so far, whether it is getting better, and the controversy over the offsetting mechanism. Employers say they'll have to turn to outsourcing and self-employed people to lower labor costs if it's scrapped. Do we even need an MPF if we have a universal retirement protection scheme?  After 9.15, the XRL deal. (8:30-9:30am, call in on 233 88 266, facebookemail or text 6393 5925)

Today on Morning Brew, eagle eyed NYC Correspondent Tracy Quan returns at 10.10. We'll have a look at the first major awards ceremony of the film season, the Gotham Independent Films Awards. It's that time of the year, and the ever popular Lan Kwai Fong Community Caroling takes place this Friday. This year they are raising money for HK's domestic helpers who have found themselves on hard times. Conductor Bethan Clark will tell us more at 10.40. We welcome back David Young from Hong Kong Skeptics at 11.10, to talk about how it's all a government conspiracy, and of course a bit about...homeopathy. After 12, we meet a jazz legend, Bob Wilbur. The Grammy Award winning sax and clarinet player was notably the band leader on the soundtrack of the 1984 movie The Cotton Club, which starred Richard Gere. This band really did give the original Duke Ellington band a run for its money. Bob's back in town for a couple of gigs this week.(9:30am-1pm,  facebook email )
Operation Santa Claus 2015 - Small Change, Big Change

Can you make Christmas brighter for the less fortunate? Your small gift and a warm heart will bring the greatest gifts of hopes to families in need. This year, Operation Santa Claus is helping 22 local charities with projects that improve the lives of sick children, the elderly, people with disabilities and many others. Your help can make a real difference to them.

Hear the laughter and cheers from Disneyland as we built up to on the Flat Out Sleigh Ride Event, a fun and creative team-building challenge for Operation Santa Claus.

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05:00-06:30 Night Music Music for night owls and early birds 
06:30-08:00 Hong Kong Today Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler 
08:00-08:30 Money Talk Peter Lewis 
08:30-09:30 Backchat Hugh Chiverton and Michael Chugani 
09:30-13:00 Morning Brew Phil Whelan 
13:00-13:15 News at One RTHK Newsroom  
13:15-15:00 1 2 3 Show Judd Boaz 
15:00-18:00 Steve James Steve James 
18:00-19:00 Newswrap RTHK Newsroom  
19:00-21:00 Peter King Peter King  
21:00-22:00 Teen Time Alyson Hau 
22:00-23:00 All The Way with Ray Ray Cordeiro  
23:00-23:30 News at Eleven RTHK Newsroom  
23:30-01:00 All The Way with Ray Ray Cordeiro  
01:00-05:00 Night Music -  
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