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This Weekend
The FINAL Grand Prix, how climate change is making wine taste weird, free spaces, maps drawn fast, audio columns, squash, bazaars and top sporting moments. In this week's Letter to Hong Kong we hear Legislator Kenneth Leung on the Occupy movement, he asks whether or not it is time to leave.
Operation Santa Claus 2014

Even small change carries with it the power to make big changes. One of Hong Kong's biggest annual fundraising campaigns – Operation Santa Claus, organised by Radio Television Hong Kong and South China Morning Post, will be launched this evening, November 2014 at 7.15 at PMQ in Central. And it marks the beginning of a series of fundraising events which will be held throughout November and December.
The Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2014

The Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2014 runs from 31 October till 9 November with authors coming from around the world and talking about their stories and works. Radio 3 is proud to be a media partner of the festival again. We will present you with highlighted events and interviews with international and local writers, novelists, poets and illustrators.

Enjoy Reading! Happy Listening!
The Oz Hour

Join good Aussie boy Judd Boaz this Saturday evening after the 8 o'clock news, for the first in his new series of shows featuring the latest and greatest music from down under ..."The Oz Hour". (Sat, 8pm-9pm)

Programme Schedule

Time Programme Presenter(s)
06:00-07:00 Early Show Stuart Clarkson  
07:00-07:30 Today at Seven RTHK Newsroom 
07:30-07:45 Reflections From Asia Harvey Stockwin 
07:45-08:00 Hong Kong Heritage Annemarie Evans 
08:00-08:30 Today at Eight RTHK Newsroom 
08:30-09:00 The Long March Edward Stourton 
09:00-13:00 Something for the Weekend Tim Littlechild 
13:00-13:10 News at One RTHK Newsroom 
13:10-15:00 World Vibes Pierre Tremblay  
15:00-17:00 3 O'clock Jump Charles Martin 
17:00-18:00 Chart Show with Alyson Hau Alyson Hau  
18:00-18:10 News At Six RTHK Newsroom 
18:10-20:00 Just Dance Simon Willson 
20:00-21:00 The Oz Hour Judd Boaz 
21:00-22:00 The Gaybourhood DJ Stonedog and La Chiquitta  
22:00-23:00 Cool Trax Francis Chan  
23:00-23:10 News at Eleven RTHK Newsroom 
23:10-02:00 Cool Trax Francis Chan  
02:00-06:00 Night Music Music for the small hours 
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