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This morning legislator Ronny Tong reviews the recent visit to Shanghai on Letter to Hong Kong.  (Sun 8.15am -8.25am )

On this episode of Asian Threads, Reenita talks with Tom Lee and Christy Marshall, two San Francisco based yoga instructors about their own personal yoga journeys. (Sun 8.30am -9am )
Rugby Sevens@R3
The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens was on again from 28-30 March and Radio 3 was bringing you all the action live from the Hong Kong Stadium.

Here you go the highlights:

The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens on RTHK Radio 3. (Friday~Sunday, 28th~30th March)
The Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival

We’re delighted to be the media partner of The Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival once again. The Festival will be held from 10-21 March. This year, presenters Noreen Mir and Andrew Dembina will meet the authors from around the world hearing their thoughts on writing. We will cover this year's exciting events and present the authors' personal stories.

Programme Schedule

Time Programme Presenter(s)
06:00-08:00 Sunday Early Show Stuart Clarkson  
08:00-08:15 RTHK News RTHK Newsroom 
08:15-08:25 Letter To Hong Kong
08:25-08:30 Thought for the Week Rev. Desmond Cox 
08:30-09:00 Asian Threads Reenita Malhotra Hora 
09:00-09:30 Sunday Smile Candice Moore 
09:30-13:00 Something for the Weekend Tim Littlechild 
13:00-13:10 News at One RTHK Newsroom 
13:10-16:00 Simon Willson Simon Willson  
16:00-18:00 Pinoy Life Aileen Alonzo and Jun Concepcion 
18:00-18:15 News At Six RTHK Newsroom 
18:15-18:30 Hong Kong Heritage Annemarie Evans 
18:30-18:45 Reflections From Asia Harvey Stockwin 
18:45-19:00 Book Club Paul Bhattacharjee reads How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid 
19:00-20:00 Saptahik Sandesh Chura Thapa  
20:00-21:00 Hong Kong Ki Shaam Abid Ali Baig  
21:00-22:00 Pete's Private Collection Peter King  
22:00-02:00 Sunday Late Kevin Lewis 
02:00-06:00 Night Music -  
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