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1606: William Shakespeare and the Year of Lear

Book Club: An account by James Shapiro of the extraordinary year in which Shakespeare wrote King Lear, Macbeth and Anthony and Cleopatra. It's abridged in five parts by Anna Magnusson and read by Ian McDiarmid.

Radio 3, Sundays at 6.45 p.m., starting 26 June
Today's Focus
Money Talk: It’s Brexit carnage in the financial markets which have been completely wrong-footed by the UK referendum. The reaction has been global and across all asset classes, with volatility at multi-year highs. The British pound has experienced its biggest one day fall in history and the euro has suffered its worst ever day against the dollar as financial markets react with panic to the vote. Asian stocks have also dropped sharply. Shares in HSBC and Standard Chartered plunged more than 10% intra-day and circuit breakers were triggered on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, causing a halt in the trading of some futures and options. Gold has surged to a 2-year high. Yields on UK, German and Australian government bonds have collapsed to record lows. And the political consequences have begun with the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron. On Monday’s Money Talk we shall analyse the reaction of the markets and the business community to Brexit and look at the economic consequences of what Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP has called the UK’s “Independence Day.” Joining us for the discussion will be Alex Wong of Ample Capital and Andrew Sullivan of Haitong Securities International. We shall also get a view from the mainland with Yu Shui of Wise Profits Investments in Beijing. (8am-8.30am, email to,  text to 63 93 59 25,facebooktwitter)

On Backchat, we will talk about Brexit and EU Referendum. UK votes to leave the European Union. What will happen next? What will be the constitutional matters regarding with UK’s obligation with the EU? Is the referendum result legally binding or advisory in nature? How will this referendum change the political landscape in UK and Europe? What’s your reaction towards resignation of David Cameron and half of the labour party team members? Will “Brexit” possibly inspire further disintegration among UK and Europe?  After 9.20, fire safety issues at old industrial buildings. (8:30-9:30am, call in on 233 88 266, facebookemail or text 6393 5925)
Applying for an OSC Grant

Operation Santa Claus supports charitable projects that effect positive change in the lives of disadvantaged people in Hong Kong and mainland China. OSC provides grants of up to HK$1 million for programmes and initiatives, and connects local communities to charities by leveraging the voices of two of the territory's most respected media organisations, the South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong.

Over the past 28 years it has raised HK$250 million and has benefited 237 NGO initiatives.

OSC 2016 is now accepting funding applications, and the deadline for submission is 30 June, 2016. Please submit your proposal HERE.
New Show: HK Staycation
What's it like to belong in Hong Kong yet only really discover it for the first time as an adult? Broadcaster Rosie Duffield was born here and went to live overseas as a child. Having recently returned she puts on her tourist hat and takes a 10 week journey around many of the places and attractions that we often take for granted. Join Rosie on her HK Staycation this Sunday at 8.30 for a journey to...The South Side.
B is for Bacon
This Saturday morning at 8.30 Chef and author Jason Black presents another episode of B is for Bacon. This week he puts on a snorkel and swims with the fish, before testing the world's most useless gadget! JC Viens gets packed for Maria's Annual Birthday Holiday (hoping for a decent wine list), and there's a review on a book about 'Meat Without Feet'. Chef Mike van Warmelo shares a beautiful recipe for beautiful oysters with a beautiful bacon dressing (beautifully) and Chef Christopher Kerr does an easy as 1-2-3 Lobster Roll.

Produced by Phil Whelan

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